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Two warnings first - review comes with detailed analysis - this is going to have spoilers, ton of ‘em probably, so be warned.
Second thing - about the scale I’m going to use. It is going to have eleven points, from 0 to 10. Now, in case of most reviews, especially commonly in computer games, most of the scale is NEVER, ever used. Usually 10 is perfect, 9 and 8 are good, 7 is meh, and everything 6 and below is garbage not worth a damn. Not in my reviews. I use the whole scale with 5 being the middle ground.
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It has been a while, but I have finally found some time to finish this one.


Her name is Aildayenne, which literally means Angel's Wing in Shata'lin language, though her friends usually just call her Angel, while enemies... Well, they rarely live to tell the tale.

She is the assassin, Illaila's top student.

She begun her career as a simple fashionista. Nobody could really predict that she would become an assassin, although her designs always had this dark and provocative style, making her relatively popular among those few with peculiar tastes. 
Aildayenne is sophisticated, but warm on joyful to her friends, though she can be sarcastic at times and has the unusual taste for morbid humour. Interestingly enough, unlike other assassins, she has friends among Temple Guard, including Sinva, a high ranking council member.
Angel has not only peculiar taste in fashion, but also strange interest for Shata'lin - she was always fascinated by ancient beliefs of other civilisations, blood rituals in particular. She found the primitive, savage bloodlust extremely alluring and inspirational, to the point it is often reflected not only in her designs but also in her style as an assassin.

Aildaynne is obsessed with precision and efficiency. She is a talented psychic, specialised in telekinesis. Her powers are not the incredibly strong in a direct sense, but she is able to manipulate multiple objects with extreme speed in precission - a rare trait, handy in both in tailoring and killing. 

Eventually, through a word of mouth, Illaila noticed Aildayenne and offered to train her as the assassin, and Angel agreed. It seemed unlikely at first, perhaps even childish, but Illaila knew how to exploit seamstress' ambitions and convince her to give in to her inner bloodlust.
However, Illaila bit more than she could chew. Aildayenne proved to be a talented, but very difficult student, who didn't respond easily to Red Queen's harsh methods. Eventually, they developed strange relationship based on hatred, competition and pain. Illaila took it as a matter of honour to tame her new pupil, while she tried to resist and remain fully in control of her own actions. The combat training, ruthless discipline in use of psychic powers both left Aildayenne scarred psychologically and physically. During one of the training sessions, she lost control over her weapons that left her face scarred. From this moment, she tends to those scars, keeps them "fresh" in a nearly masochistic, ritualistic fashion, as a reminder of sort, she also covers undamaged half of her face under the veil, exposing scars as some sort of trophy. Eventually, her self-control also broke - and she learned how to give in to her inner lust for blood. She learned how to draw power from fear and pain in combat, how to turn high risk into a driving force.
Illaila failed to produce a calculated assassin. Instead, she helped create a damaged individual, a ruthless, nearly suicidal killing machine hidden under soft, beautiful exterior. 
The worst thing is - Aildayenne is fully aware of what she has become and eventually learned how to tame her urges, how to keep them combat-only. 

Like most Shata'lin assassins, Aildayenne keeps unique equipment and style. She designed own gear, inspired by sewing equipment. Each of her gloves contains a set of three needles with metal threads. She is able to control each needle separately and use them as deadly weapons and defensive tools as well. Her main weapon is a strange sword that looks like a giant needle, and just like the small ones in gloves, it is also tied to a sharp, metal thread. 
Aildayenne rarely goes for longer operations, and usually infiltrates enemy compounds and ships. Her style is more direct than this of Illaila - she prefers quick, bloody assaults - literally cutting her way to a target - with deadly grace. She also tends to toy with her victims, playing on their fear - sometimes to open them for attack, sometimes just for fun. Her methods are brutal and bloody, but still much quicker than Illaila's.
Aildayenne has a strange distaste for psychic shields - she tends to rely on her threads, spinning quickly and precisely to deflect incoming projectiles.
Yay, a new species. 
Changed the paper - run out of a good quality one, and it sadly shows. Plenty of smudges from pencil on this one I could not erase. Sorry for that.

"Ultimately, pleasure and beauty are the only things worth pursuing. There is no grand scheme in the universe, no driving power. And without those, every virtue is either an empty word, or a way to achieve self-fulfilment. And self fulfilment is a form of pleasure. Same goes for profit, for example. People gather wealth, because they either find pleasure in collecting, or it allows them to gain things they love. Everything, ultimately, is self-serving, even though many don't want to admit it."

Syleans, more commonly known as "maskfaces" are the final species of the Tribunal and de-facto creators of the whole faction, and just like every other member species, they are also survivors of the Great Plague.

Originating from a water-world of Liosa, Syleans are semi-aquatic humanoids with anatomy resembling a mixture of fish and reptilian traits.
They are large, usually over 2m (~6,5 ft) tall, and relatively heavy. Their bodies are covered with tiny, smooth scales and sets of larger bone plates. 

Syleans are extremely diverse in terms of looks and can be divided into countless ethnic groups. Differences lie in many characteristics:
- body proportions: especially in terms of size of the chest, width of hips, length of neck
- colours: from bright, warm colours, like red, yellow, through cold hues of blue and silver to very dark browns. Patterns on bodies may also differ, from spots, to stripes, to single colours without patterns at all
- bone plate pattern: different groups may have different number of scales, lack scales in certain areas. Chest and head crests may also be more or less complex depending on ethnic group.

One thing that is present in all groups is the "mask" and it is a signature trait of the species - a large set of bone plates covering most of their face.

Syleans express relatively subtle sexual dimorphism. Both males and females may be described as rather feminine and they may look almost exactly alike with the exception of two features:
Females have flat ending of the tail. Males have more complex "mask", made of three or four segments. Females have only two segments. The first piece of the male's mask is small and covers additional compartment of their nasal cavity, used for sensing female pheromones. 

Syleans are not particularly strong or fast, but tend to move with unusual grace, especially in water and are gifted with rather unique, versatile beauty. They have very acute senses with the exception of rather average eyesight. Their bodies are, however, exceptionally resistant to damage thanks to reinforce skeleton and bone plates. Current population is biologically immortal thanks to genetic modifications and cybernetic implants, though their natural lifespan is around 250 years.

They reproduce more or less like reptiles, on land. They lay eggs. Their reproduction rate is relatively low.

In terms of culture, Syleans do not form a single nation but rather a basic alliance of many small factions. They do share many cultural traits. Pretty much all Syleans are hedonists, and their cultures often centre around different forms of pleasure.
Members of this species are generally seen as very intelligent and charismatic. Most of them hate conflicts, though there are some minor groups that find pleasure and beauty in combat, and they form the bulk of common military of the Tribunal, right behind the Hakon robot armies. They rarely form longer relationships.
In personal contacts, Syleans tend to be rather curious and focused on details. They are generally hospitable and find great interest in exploration and discovering new cultures. They are skilled diplomats and politicians, though they tend to be overly emotional at times.

In terms of technology, Syleans are opportunists, they do not invent their own tech if they can help it. Most of their current equipment was invented by Hakons. However, unlike their bird-like allies, Syleans are much more concerned with safety, convenience and looks. They often redesign things created by others. 
They are great fans of genetic engineering and cybernetic implants. Most members of this species uses them in one way or another - often for the most trivial reasons, like making oneself as beautiful as possible. For this reason, many of them do not wear any clothes as well.


Szymon Kopertowski
Favourite genre of music: Clasic
Yup, check out my scraps if you want, all the sketch dumps are already here.
Following dumps are included:
Human factions
Nhilar corporations
Random - for things that didn't fit elsewhere
The Plague

Uploaded in this exact order.
I highly recommend that you download the images, so you can watch them in full size.
Enjoy and feel free to comment and ask about any miniature, I will tell you what I can and am free to discuss.
Please remember that these sketches were usually very quick ones (and most of them are tiny) so there are going to be mistakes in anatomy and whatnot.

EDIT: Added lore bits to the sketch dumps.


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