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"War has always been the greatest friend of progress. Why? It is so because in war, especially in a genocidal, total war progress becomes a matter of survival. In peaceful times, you can afford morality - you can halt research if it is too risky, or the effects are harmful. But in war, you move forward, or you die. You can... And you must cut corners. So what that testing new weapons on your own people is horrible? Your enemy will cut you all down if you don't do it. Sacrifice of few millions for the life of entire population becomes an acceptable loss. Our history has taught me that well... And sometimes I wish it hadn't..."

Hakons are the second member species of the Tribunal.

Hakons originate from the desert world of Drefarra - a resource rich planet with extremely hostile environment (though surprisingly, relatively cold one) and incredibly deadly fauna.

They are short (around the same size as Nhilars) bird-like humanoids with largely mammalian physiology. They are warm blooded.
They are not very colourful in terms of looks, they have greyish-brown skin with darker spots on their bodies. Beaks are usually somewhat lighter. Hair are almost always dark brown or black. Eyes can be in various shades of brown, grey, green or blue.
Hakons are not especially strong or agile and lack any special physical abilities, except rather good eyesight.
They have very weird body proportions, with relatively small bodies, massive forearms and strong legs. However, the most unique feature of Hakons is massive head carrying disproportionately large brain.

They express quite visible sexual dimorphism, with females being slightly shorter than males and having many more spots on their bodies. Males on the other hand, tend to have dark stripes on their beaks.
Females give birth, like normal mammals. They usually have no more than one child at a time. Their reproduction rate is relatively low.
Hakons are a heavily genetically modified species - some of their most successful modifications resulted in nearly complete toxin and disease immunity, increased regeneration rate (which also resulted in nearly infinite theoretical lifespan), and increased resistances to heat and cold. Some of the side effects however, lead to loss of most of the body hair, and change of the skin colours - the historical data indicates that ancestors to modern Hakons were covered in colourful fur and had more... normal body proportions.

Despite rather mundane exterior, Hakons are extraordinary species in terms of their mental capabilities. They are universally gifted with incredible intelligence and creativity.
Other species of the Tribunal often call them mad geniuses of the faction (or insane parrots with shotguns - that works as well). Despite their intelligence, Hakons are rather stubborn, reckless and impatient but also incredibly curious and enthusiastic about every new concept. This leads to quite interesting results. Most of the Hakon technologies, while often ingenious, also tend to be unreliable or downright dangerous. It is so, because Hakons tend to invent new technologies at such an incredible rate that they have neither time, nor will to perfect them. And if one technology requires another, it may sometimes lead to a chain of very dangerous inventions.

Hakon history is the one of conflict. Different tribes, and later countries waged nearly constant wars over millennia. The longest war they ever waged between one another lasted for 500 years and resulted in complete loss of five planets that were turned into nuclear wastelands - and it was NOT the most destructive war they ever waged. 
Hakons were hit by the Great Plague soon after the Elavi - in fact, fleeing Elavi were the ones who brought it. Initially, Hakons ignored the threat and when they realised how dangerous it was, they quickly decided to use scorched earth tactics - burning down 10 of their colonies with people still on them. Later in war, Hakons formed the bulk of the force that repelled the Plague.

Hakons form both the science and military wings of the Tribunal now. Even though they do not form a single nation, but rather a loose union of single colonies - each small nation is different. They provide the core technologies that are later improved upon by other species (usually simply to make them safe and comfortable to use) but are also the biggest military power of all the Tribunal species.
Despite their frail physique, Hakons excel in battle, but they usually do not fight directly. An average Hakon army has only few hundred soldiers - usually a staff of a commanding officer, all clad in heavy powered suits. The real fighting force are legions of cheap, yet effective combat bots that can even be produced directly on the field thanks to mobile factories and resource extractors. More traditional infantry and mechanized units are used almost exclusively by bounty hunters, police and more basic security forces.

Despite their warlike nature, Hakons tend to value family connections quite heavily. They are usually monogamous and while they have difficulties in expressing their emotions in any subtle way, they tend to compensate with gifts. For example, a personal shield generator is a popular gift for a loved one - it is meant to show the desire to keep said person safe (usually from their own inventions, but I digress).
It took me a while, I know, I know... 

However, not because I'm lazy - I mean, don't get me wrong, I am lazy, but I had a different reason. I effectively forced myself to draw this one, sort of as a head start. I still have three weeks of HCV therapy left and I feel quite terrible.
Despite relative simplicity of this drawing, it took me a while to finish, and I'm not counting figuring out the design, just the drawing itself. Still, I didn't loose my form, not completely anyway.

In any case... Lore time!

"Why don't you let me make your dream come true? I could become that dream."

They call themselves Elavi, though most call them changelings, shapeshifters or mimics. They are one of many alien species of my universe and are one of the most unique.

Elavi, in their natural form are slightly shorter than average human, but comparatively heavier and are gifted with strange, elusive beauty and grace. Their bodies are adorned with sets of tape-like tentacles creating a form of a natural outfit.  Their bodies are soft and appear to be rather fragile, though this flaw is mitigated by their incredible regenerative capabilities. 
Their bodies share similar proportions to these of a humans, through their hips are incredibly wide, as they act as storage for nutrients required for both regeneration and shapeshifting.
They have two sets of eyes - small ones for the day and large ones, capable of night vision. Due to their sensitivity to light, the large eyes remain closed most of the time, giving the Elavi rather strange, always stoic appearance - they appear as if they were sleeping or meditating most of the time.
Most of their senses are not very acute, however, with the sole exception of touch. Members of this species communicate with each other mostly through direct contact. They are also psychics specialized in touch-based telepathy, which they use to share memories and experiences with one another, making them incredibly fast learners.

Probably the most amazing ability of that species is shapeshifting - they are able to absorb tissues of other species and instinctively analyse their genetic material to later force own body to recreate it. Elavi are able to completely change their shape and perfectly mimic any other species of similar size after few days of regular, direct contacts. Transformation, however, is a slow, and energy consuming process - depending on specimen and complexity of mimicked organism, it may take anywhere between 8 and 48 hours. However, the copy is almost perfect. Elavi tend not to transform fully unless it is absolutely necessary - they usually just copy single organs that are convenient to them, like voice cords, as they are naturally mute.
In addition, their touch-based telepathy allows them to quickly learn behaviour of mimicked species in most cases. 

Elavi's regenerative abilities make them biologically immortal.

Elavi are genderless species - they exchange their genetic material casually through touch. After the exchange is complete, they both lay eggs. They can also reproduce asexually, effectively creating clones of themselves. 
Despite that, they often create very long term relationships with one another and they do not mind interspecies contacts - which is easy for them due to their shapeshifting abilities.

Elavi society appears very strange to the outsiders - it is very private, unusually peaceful and intimate as they require touch to communicate fully. However, this also means that they are very compassionate and understanding creatures, often almost unnaturally charismatic and helpful. They are natural-born diplomats, and passionate lovers that do not see the problems of interspecies contacts. They do not wear any clothes, as they would interfere with their tentacles.

Elavi are currently members of an ancient alliance of three alien species, known as The Tribunal. It is an ancient union of very old species that faced and won against the very first Ancient Plague (to them known as the Great Plague). 
During the outbreak of the Great Plague, Elavi were on the very front line, the Plague has seen their adaptive abilities as a major threat and attacked with full force. Elavi homeworld was nearly completely destroyed and the species itself took heavy losses, but was crucial in stopping the Plague. The beast was unable to absorb them, which gave them a massive advantage in conflict.
Currently, Elavi do not have their own worlds - they tend to live among other species of The Tribunal, sometimes in small communities, sometimes blending in a society. 
They are generally seen as compassionate souls, solving conflicts in a peaceful manner and are generally admired for their gentle way of living. 
When it comes to technological level - Elavi excel at medical technologies. Their natural abilities to analyse genetic material allowed them to develop some extremely effective methods of treatment. They are no warriors, though some Elavi made great careers in intelligence. 


Szymon Kopertowski
Favourite genre of music: Clasic
Yup, check out my scraps if you want, all the sketch dumps are already here.
Following dumps are included:
Human factions
Nhilar corporations
Random - for things that didn't fit elsewhere
The Plague

Uploaded in this exact order.
I highly recommend that you download the images, so you can watch them in full size.
Enjoy and feel free to comment and ask about any miniature, I will tell you what I can and am free to discuss.
Please remember that these sketches were usually very quick ones (and most of them are tiny) so there are going to be mistakes in anatomy and whatnot.

EDIT: Added lore bits to the sketch dumps.


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